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After searching far, wide, and deep, and finding no such, I bring you...

A Seki Tomokazu Fans Community!
Moderators: zukkii & rady

zukkii: Should be obvious what it is by now. Of course, you know the drill. For fans of SekiTomo, his anime, his acting, his music, his ... need for useless knowledge. Whatever it is that floats your boat about him, share it here! Stay a day, stay for longer, just say hey and be all talky. Because ... you'll be forced to hear me ramble random useless pooh when I post, unless its some update of sorts. ^_^

rady: Here to mod, yo! Am hoping I can get more activity started on this community. The last Seki community died a long time ago, in terms of activity, and if I can help it, I'm not going to let this one die out! I'm taking requests for Seki Tomokazu stuff, and also here to link you SekiTomokazu.com, a fansite and fanlisting dedicated to Seki Tomokazu by asaphira_sachi and myself. Anyway, hope to get to know more of you here, so please, feel free to talk to me!

Seki Tomokazu is Love!
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Seki Tomokazu is ♥ ♥ ♥!
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